Nasr eyes gains with Ferrari upgrade

By on Friday, May 13, 2016
Sauber F1 Team

Sauber F1 Team

Felipe Nasr is hopeful that Sauber can make gains as it prepares to run the engine upgrades which were first used by Ferrari in Russia.

Sauber has struggled so far in 2016 and has yet to score a point, amid off-track financial struggles.

This weekend's Spanish Grand Prix is typically a race where teams bring upgrade packages but Sauber only has the engine tweaks made by supplier Ferrari.

"It’s a tough time for everyone, all we can do is be positive, use all the tools we have in our hands," he said.

"Let’s see, at least we have something, the Ferrari update, if it does bring us something it’s a positive.

"We had a plan between rounds seven and 10 to bring some updates but I don’t know what is the latest situation."

Nasr was nonetheless encouraged by his form in Russia after he used a new chassis, following struggles throughout the opening three races.

"It just put the car back in the normal sensation, it’s stable enough, you can work on the set-up, the tyres, lots of details that before... the gap was too big in the way the car was handling," he explained.

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