Ferrari president: We have faith in the FIA

By on Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Scuderia Ferrari

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo says his team has faith in the FIA with regards to next week's International Tribunal.

Ferrari, along with Red Bull, protested against Mercedes after it emerged that the team conducted three days of tyre testing with Pirelli at the Circuit de Catalunya in May.

The FIA has brought charges against both Mercedes and Pirelli and an International Tribunal will be held in Paris on June 20.

"We have faith in the FIA," he said at the launch of Ferrari's new museum at Maranello.

"I do not wish to comment, but I note with satisfaction that the Federation is following this incident well."

"Let’s hope Formula 1 can maintain its professionalism and we have faith that those who attempt to circumvent the regulations are pursued and prosecuted, or rather more prosecuted than pursued."

Mercedes is being charged with breaching sporting regulations having run a 2013 car at the test. It is not clear what charges the FIA intends to bring against Pirelli.

The decision of the tribunal will be published as soon as possible after the hearing.

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