Montezemolo: The Championship is in our own hands

By on Monday, May 21, 2012

Photo credit: Ferrari S.p.A.

“The Championship is in our own hands.” Luca di Montezemolo chose to give the Scuderia a boost and a show of confidence through a personal letter addressed to all the staff, on the eve of the team’s departure for the Monaco Grand Prix.

“The championship is very open and so far, there has not been one dominant force,” wrote the Ferrari President. “A series of circumstances and the work done here to improve the car, as well as Alonso’s great ability, has led to us leading the Championship after five rounds. We must capitalize on that, with each one of us giving our very best at home and at the race track, including Massa who must bring home the results we expect from him.

“I know from Domenicali, with whom I am in constant contact, how hard all of you are working,” continues the letter. “Of this I am sure, also because winning the Championship depends only and exclusively on ourselves: on our ability, our creativity, our determination and our desire to show that we are the best.”

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