Montezemolo slams 'martian' F1 rules

By on Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mar.3 (GMM) Luca di Montezemolo has hit out at F1's new regulations, saying steering wheels have become "martian" whilst criticising the new adjustable rear wing.

According to Finland's Turun Sanomat, the Ferrari president's "martian" description is a reference to the new steering wheels adorned with even more buttons than before to trigger KERS systems and the moving rear wings.

"The current regulations have nothing to do with F1," said the Italian at the Geneva motor show, also continuing to criticise the testing ban.

Montezemolo said Ferrari's loss of the 2010 title at the final hurdle was like "missing a penalty kick with no goalkeeper".

According to the New York Times, however, he is much more upbeat about the carmaking world at present after the slump of recent years.

"If you smell the atmosphere," said Montezemolo at the Geneva convention centre, "it is far better than a few years ago."

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