Montezemolo says he's 'married to Ferrari'

By on Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 17 (GMM) Luca di Montezemolo has played down the possibility of leaving Ferrari in order to enter Italian politics.

Rumours abounded last month that, despite the Ferrari president signing on with the Maranello marque for another three years, the 63-year-old has definitely decided to switch to politics in the near future.

But in a new interview with the International Herald Tribune, Montezemolo insisted he is "married to Ferrari".

However, he is undeniably interested in politics, having started a research group - Italia Futura - to monitor the government and identify potential political candidates.

He would not categorically rule out running for office but added: "I don't believe in a one-man show. I'm more of a team-spirit guy."

Also constantly rumoured in the recent past is that Ferrari, also the famous maker of road sports cars, could soon float on the stock market.

But a Credit Suisse analyst is quoted as saying a lack of financial transparency at Ferrari could be a hurdle.

"There are so many loose ends that would need to be addressed in an IPO," he said, estimating the value of Ferrari at EUR 3 billion.

Montezemolo hit back: "When I hear people say that the value of Ferrari is only three billion, I think, 'Someone must be out of their mind'."

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