Minardi: Give young guys more test sessions

By on Monday, January 24, 2011

Fernando Alonso drove for Minardi in his debut season in 2001.

Giancarlo Minardi is concerned that young up and coming drivers are not getting enough seat time in Formula 1 cars and is calling for the return of at least one session of a Grand Prix weekend to be dedicated to young drivers.

The former Minardi boss said, “We should go back to the Friday practice where it is required that each team should run at least one of the two sessions with a rookie. Do not forget that these sessions gave Sebastian Vettel and Robert Kubica their chance.”

The Italian believes that young drivers are being put into F1 unprepared because they simply have not had hands on experience other than on a simulator.

He said, “Today we are in a cycle where some drivers will soon be looking at retirement and who will take their place? Without test days, you won’t find a replacement for the likes of Rubens Barrichello, Michael Schumacher, Mark Webber and Jarno Trulli.”

Minardi added, “Drivers coming into F1 don’t have the necessary experience and you only have to look at Williams. In 2010, Ninety per cent of their points were scored by Rubens Barrichello and now Nico Hulkenberg is now forced to either watch or become a third driver. Returning to running rookie drivers in Friday tests would better prepare them for F1.”

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