Mercedes sure V6 engines will sound 'great'

By on Friday, December 30, 2011

Photo credit: Mercedes GP Petronas

Mercedes is sure Formula 1 engines will still sound good when the regulations change significantly in 2014.

The German marque, whose F1 engines are designed and built in Northamptonshire, is believed to be imminently ready to fire up its first 1.6 litre turbocharged V6.

But after the sound of F1 changed when the sport moved from normally-aspirated V10 to its current V8 engines in 2006, there have been fears the cars could sound comparatively tame when they are powered by turbo V6s in 2014.

Thomas Fuhr, managing director of Mercedes' HighPerformanceEngines division, doesn't think so.

"With the limit of 15,000 rpm, the engines will have a great sound," he is quoted by Italy's Tuttosport.

"With the six pipes going into the turbocharger I think the sound will be very nice," added Fuhr.

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