Mercedes set-up for wet weather

By on Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mercedes AMG

Mercedes drivers Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg have said that the set-up on their cars have been compromised in anticipation of inclement weather.

Schumacher failed to make it through to Q3 and starts fourteenth.

"For obvious reasons, I am not particularly happy about the qualifying session today", he said.

"We might have compromised the car too much for the rain which is expected for tomorrow and was also forecast for qualifying. When the drops came down just before, it looked even more likely".

"Anyway, my starting position is now quite tricky, and I will have to see what we can make out of it tomorrow. Of course, coming from where I am does not make it easy, but I will definitely try to fight my way up the field".

Rosberg believes that making Q3 was a positive step for Mercedes.

"To progress into Q3 and the top 10 in qualifying today was a reasonable achievement for us. Our car set-up was a little compromised due to the race conditions expected tomorrow so we should be in better shape then", he said.

"You can't change anything after qualifying so I hope we are well prepared and that we have chance to score some good points tomorrow".

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