Mercedes invents front wing F-duct for 2012

By on Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mercedes has reinvented an F-duct style innovation and intends to debut it in 2012, Germany's Auto Motor und Sport reports.

The magazine on Tuesday published diagrams of the innovation, which was apparently tested for the first time during free practice at Suzuka recently.

The new F-duct is confined to the front wing, not the rear wing as per the systems that were banned at the end of last season.

Air enters through the oval-shaped vent at the very tip of the 2012 Mercedes nose, is redirected via and inside the front wing supports and exits at the rear of the wing.

Unlike the 2010-style F-ducts, the system is not manually triggered by the drivers, making it legal.

Mercedes' new idea is to redirect more undisturbed air through the floor of the car.

Auto Motor und Sport said McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh is aware of the innovation and the head-start now enjoyed by Mercedes.

"If you make a start now, it's already too late," he said, predicting that other teams will nonetheless also experiment with the idea.

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