Mercedes continuing to improve - Hamilton

By on Thursday, May 7, 2015
Mercedes AMG Petronas

Mercedes AMG Petronas

World Champion Lewis Hamilton says that the squad continues to improve as it attempts to fend off the threat of Ferrari.

Hamilton has won three of this season's four races to open up a 27 point lead in the championship and says that Mercedes' W06 Hybrid continues to improve with every passing round.

"The car has just continued to climb on the same gradient as it was last year, and is continuing to get stronger," he said.

"The areas that we may have had trouble with last year, I've worked hard with the engineers and the mechanics and the guys back at the factory to iron out those creases, and if not iron them out, make them stronger.

"I definitely feel more comfortable in this year's car. It's very much the same car, it's just better. It has pretty much all of the same characteristics - just all of those characteristics are stronger."

Hamilton, whose contract expires at the end of this year, has yet to sign a new deal with Mercedes, but says that he has read through the details on a number of occasions.

"There's nothing really to comment on at the moment," he said. "However, I have read it several times, so I'm fluent in lawyer jargon.

"So I could pretty much write my own contract now, so it's been good in that sense because I think when I retire I could write some contracts... so if any of you guys [the media] need a manager, I think I could do a good job for you!"

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