Mercedes car has third pedal for adjustable wing

By on Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mar.24 (GMM) Ross Brawn has laughed at reports of a possible driver strike over the complexity of operating KERS and adjustable rear wings in 2011.

"Because it's hard to do both!" he told Auto Motor und Sport when asked about the complaints, but revealed that "Our drivers have no problems with it".

Indeed, the most prominent complaints are emerging from the Red Bull garage, with McLaren and Ferrari also insisting that the drivers' increased workload is manageable.

Asked about Sebastian Vettel's complaints, Gerhard Berger hypothesised: "Sebastian is a cunning lad. He complains probably because in this area Red Bull has a disadvantage."

Mercedes boss Brawn all but confirmed this is indeed the case.

"Probably the operation of the buttons is complicated if the drivers have to press all of them at once," he said.

Auto Motor und Sport revealed that the McLaren solution is a series of paddles behind the steering wheel, while in the Mercedes footwell there is an extra pedal.

The pedal, to the left of the brake pedal, reportedly operates the adjustable rear wing.

The clever layout means that whenever Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg are braking, their foot cannot be deploying the rear wing flap.

And when they are on the power, it is easy for their left foot to rest on the wing flap pedal during practice and - crucially - qualifying sessions.

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