McLaren MP4/26A – New front wing in last winter test

By on Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mclaren tested a new front wing in last Winter test (Barcelona) to boost car’s performance and overcome the inability to challenge Red Bull and Ferrari. The new wing had totally new endplates (1) with a single huge slot in contrast to the old one which had four smaller slots. The philosophy of this concept is to increase the quantity of air passing under the wing by trapping air flowing outside the endplate surface. The triangular fin at the top of the endplate is also removed while the rear of the endplate is altered to cope better with the new design. Finally the endplates are placed now a bit outer on the endplate floor (2) to increase the wing’s effective span. As regards the flap separator (3), it is now much shorter and traditional because there is no need to house the flap adjusting mechanism any more.

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