McLaren launch: McLaren not building own engine

By on Wednesday, February 1, 2012

McLaren is set to retain Mercedes engines

Martin Whitmarsh has said that McLaren has no plans to build its own engine.

The Woking based team has been the subject of speculation since Mercedes returned as a manufacturer in 2010, with Honda and PURE linked to the team, as well as rumours that McLaren would build their own engines.

"Formula 1 is a very, very powerful environment to promote an automotive brand and get brand definition. "But we have no plans - short term, medium term or longer term – to manufacture our own engines." said Whitmarsh

"We have great respect for what Ferrari have achieved, but we will do things our own way. People will speculate because of our road car programme but it makes no sense for us.

"We have had a great partner for 18 years with Mercedes-Benz, they make probably the best engine in F1. The motivation to change is very limited. We enjoy that partnership and intend to continue for a number of years."

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