McLaren launch: Button hoping for stronger start

By on Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mclaren MP4-27

Jenson Button has said that he hopes McLaren can hit the ground running in 2011.

McLaren suffered a woeful pre-season in 2011, which team principal Martin Whitmarsh described as 'abysmal' during the Q&A session at the launch of the MP4-27 in Woking

"I personally didn't feel we were going to win races last year after the first test" said the 2009 champion.

"Normally you get a good feeling from the first test and build on that feeling for the first race. It is tricky, especially when you have new regulations.

"It's difficult to know where you stand. I'm hoping we are in a good position when we wheel the car out in Jerez.

"The most important thing is to get miles done in testing, so we have time to fine-tune car so you arrive at the first race and you are not worried about anything. We are all positive now and hopefully that will continue in testing."

Button was keen to add that he is still expecting McLaren to face a tough challenge from reigning world champions Red Bull.

"Red Bull will be strong. You don't suddenly build a bad car after wining the championship for two years. We hope they do - but I would be surprised if they do. We don't know where we stand, so the important thing is stay focused on what we do, look at the next few weeks and see where we stand then."

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