McLaren denies prompting blown exhaust clampdown

By on Wednesday, May 18, 2011

May 18 (GMM) McLaren's engineering director on Wednesday seemed to steer away from any suggestion the British team triggered the FIA's clampdown on exhaust blown diffusers.

With news emerging this week that the aggressive blowing of exhaust gases when the driver is off the throttle will soon be effectively banned, many intepreted it as a move against Red Bull's dominance.

"It is inevitable and the unfortunate consequence of success," rued team boss Christian Horner.

Suspicions about McLaren's possible involvement in the FIA's decision were prompted by a recent comment by Phil Prew, the Woking based team's principal race engineer.

Asked about Red Bull's dominance in 2011, he said: "I think tyre optimisation may be one area, and the use of elaborate engine modes may be another."

But Tim Goss, the engineering director at McLaren, on Wednesday denied he or the British team had prompted the FIA clampdown.

"I'm afraid I don't know that background," he said during a teleconference when asked about the FIA's move against blown exhausts.

"Whether (the FIA has) taken it on themselves to clamp down on it or whether they've been prompted to, I'm afraid I don't know," added Goss.

He said "all the major teams" will be similarly affected by the clampdown.

"We certainly exploit them," insisted Goss, referring to the previous rules about engine mapping.

"I know it (the ban) would almost certainly be a performance setback to our major competitors, but as to whether it affects us more than our competitors it's impossible for me to say."

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