Massa relieved to hang on to fifth

By on Sunday, September 21, 2014
Williams Martini Racing

Williams Martini Racing

Felipe Massa says he was relieved to hold on to fifth position at the end of the Singapore Grand Prix.

Massa fended off rivals on the first lap and ran in fifth place, but was surprised to have to complete a lengthy final stint on Prime tyres.

"[It was] definitely a great race," he told Sky Sports. [It was] difficult to do a better result for us on this track than what I did. Ferrari, Red Bull and Mercedes were quicker than us.

"[The] team decided not to pit under the Safety Car, was not sure if it was right thing to do, I pushed, [the] team made me push then said we go to the end, and [I thought] it was a joke and it was impossible, I was driving like a grandma to finish the race in that position!"

Team-mate Valtteri Bottas ran a similar strategy but dropped to 11th place after struggling with a problem towards the end of the race.

"The lsst stint was a bit too long for us, I had a problem with the steering wheel so I didn’t have any feeling and it was difficult to keep the tyres alive," he said.

"One or two laps too much, there was no tyre left, really difficult and a shame. I was still getting some points but a shame on the last lap they died and I couldn't do anything."

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