Massa no longer supporting Alonso, predicts 2014 'collision'

By on Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Alonso-MassaFelipe Massa has said that he will no longer play a supporting role to Fernando Alonso across the final seven races of 2013.

Massa has been seen as Alonso's supporting act since the infamous race in Germany three years ago but insists he is now driving for himself, having been informed that he will not be part of the team in 2014.

"I will not race for Alonso from now on," he told TV Globo.

"Right from Friday at Singapore I'll be working for myself. I will attack all the time, every lap. It's now the time to look after myself."

Massa, who is in contention for the Lotus seat vacated by his replacement, Kimi Raikkonen, says he has enjoyed his time alongside Alonso but predicts fireworks between Ferrari's 2014 pairing.

"I'm sure Fernando likes me, he has to. We have a nice relationship, I'm sure he sees me as a personal friend as I see him. Kimi and myself are also good friends, much more than when we were team-mates."

"I know both Fernando and Kimi on and of the track and I rate them as excellent drivers, but I'm afraid they will collide when sharing the team."

"I told the bosses to breathe as much as possible while they still can because it will be hard for them to breathe next season."

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