Marussia close to signing 2014 engine deal

By on Saturday, March 30, 2013

Marussia F1 Team

Marussia is edging closer to signing an engine deal for 2014, according to chief executive Andy Webb.

Marussia is currently without an engine supplier for next season as current providers Cosworth do not intend to continue into the new V6 era.

Marussia has been supplied by Cosworth engines since their debut in the sport in 2010. With HRT's demise at the end of 2012, Marussia is Cosworth's only F1 client.

"It is obvious that with the departure of Cosworth we can choose between Ferrari and Mercedes," said Webb.

"We are dealing with both and we will see what the options are."

"The price is also an important factor, because the cost of the engines in 2014 will be significantly higher than the current engines. We need to make sure that we choose the right partner and I hope to be able to make an announcement in the next four weeks."

Webb denies that uncertainty around their future engine supplier is hindering progress.

"The 2014 car is in the wind tunnel. Work on the design is in full progress; we already have a lot of information on the 2014 engines. But, of course, it would help to make a quick decision on the engine - preferably by the end of April."

Race driver Jules Bianchi, who joined the team at the start of March, is a member of Ferrari's young driver academy.

Ferrari currently supplies three teams, although Toro Rosso is expected to use Renault power units from 2014.

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