Marko: Rivals wanted to curb Red Bull's aero dominance

By on Wednesday, December 7, 2011

© Red Bull GEPA

Red Bull pulled out of FOTA because the other teams were trying to curb the team's dominance.

That is the inkling of the energy drink company's F1 consultant Dr Helmut Marko, referring to the failed talks over the next cost-limiting resource restriction agreement (RRA).

Red Bull had been accused of breaching some of the articles in the existing agreement, and talks finally collapsed at the Brazil season finale.

Marko is quoted by the Kleine Zeitung newspaper as claiming that Red Bull's dominance was being specifically targeted by the other teams as the cost-cutting talks went on.

"We are the best in aerodynamics and so the others only wanted to cut back the (development of) aerodynamics," he charged.

It is turbulent times politically for Red Bull, but team driver Mark Webber seemed blissfully unaware as he began his post-season wind-down this week in Tasmania.

Asked by the Daily Mail about his employer's withdrawal from the teams association, the Australian answered: "Haven't got a clue, mate -- doesn't bother me.

"Didn't know any of that had happened," added Webber.

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