Marko compares Verstappen to Senna

By on Thursday, September 25, 2014
Red Bull/Getty Images

Red Bull/Getty Images

Red Bull consultant Hemlut Marko has called 2015 Toro Rosso signing Max Verstappen an 'exceptional talent' and compared him to the late Ayrton Senna.

16-year-old Verstappen will race for Toro Rosso next season despite just a single year of car racing and will become the youngest Formula 1 driver in history.

But Marko believes that Red Bull's new acquisition has what it takes to place himself among the greats of the sport.

"He is an exceptional talent that comes along only once in decades," Marko told the Official F1 Website.

"[Who is he like?] Most likely Ayrton Senna. And in such a case you must not look at his age. He has been talking with people who are experts when it comes to the development of youngsters and they all say that [in terms of] his mind he is more like 22 than 16.

"And regarding his skills behind the steering wheel, he has been racing since he was four years old - professionally. So we expect him to be competitive from the first race. We are not playing the lottery - we know what we are doing. And success proves us right.

"We work with him intensively. He will do some Friday runs. Not long ago he did a 400 km test in Italy, he’s in the simulator whenever possible and he’s working on his physique and psychology with top experts. Yes, some things became visible that we will have to address for the 2015 season. Having said that, he is getting the perfect ‘schooling’ before he gets on the grid."

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