Marciello cops blame for testing accident

By on Thursday, May 14, 2015
Sauber F1 Team

Sauber F1 Team

Raffaele Marciello accepted responsibility for a testing accident which compromised Sauber's programme at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya on Wednesday.

Marciello, who had tested for Ferrari on the previous day, lost control of the Sauber C34 at Turn 3 early in the day and skated into the gravel, before making light contact with the barriers.

"I lost the car and crashed," he admitted. "Luckily it was not big, just the front wing. We were doing some constant speed tests so the tyre temperatures were going down really fast, so it was it even easier to crash and I got surprised by the lack of grip.

"The team did a perfect job to put the car back together in around just two hours. Once the car was ready the programme went well and we had a good, solid afternoon of testing.

"I am positive about what data and other information we were able to collect for future races."

Marciello tested for both Ferrari and Sauber but said it was difficult to compare the two cars due to the teams' dissimilar aims.

"It is like two different levels of car," he said. "Sauber fight for something and Ferrari fight for something different.

"So it was difficult to compare the two cars because they are like two different levels but it is like most cars - they have good stuff and the team works really hard anyway and they always try to improve."

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