Magnussen: Maybe Kimi had been drinking!

By on Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Kevin Magnussen has joked that Kimi Raikkonen was drinking when they collided during the Monaco Grand Prix.

Magnussen had been struggling with power unit issues during the closing stages of the race when he was hit by Raikkonen into the Loews hairpin.

Raikkonen was reprimanded for the incident and went on to finish 12th, two places behind Magnussen.

"You can't close the gap completely in Loews because the cars can't turn sharp enough to get around - but I closed it as much as possible," he told Danish media.

"I'd been having problems with the engine. So Kimi had a go at me and got really close. I didn't expect that and turned in early. I saw his front wing and stopped turning. But at that point it was too late."

"I don't know if he had been drinking or what, but he didn't see me and reversed over my front wing and on to my car.

"I couldn't do anything because he was parked on my front wing and I didn't want to damage my car. So I had to wait on him and lost the position but luckily he had to pit."

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