Magnussen confident of racing in Monza

By on Wednesday, August 31, 2016
Kevin Magnussen/Renault

Kevin Magnussen/Renault

Kevin Magnussen is confident he will be allowed to race in the Italian Grand Prix this weekend as he feels already recovered from the nasty crash at Spa-Francorchamps last Sunday.

Renault’s driver ran over a kerb at the exit of Eau Rouge during the Belgian Grand Prix and went heavily into the barriers. He got out of the car unaided but was taken to the medical center as a precaution. Initial checks revealed a cut to his left ankle and he was taken to a nearby hospital for further routine assessments.

“It was a big crash and I was sore but fortunately had nothing worse than a bruised ankle. I’ve had some more checks in Denmark and am working with my physio to keep fit.

“I feel I’m ready to race in Monza. The FIA will of course have the final word but I really want to and I’m confident that by then it will be fine.”

Renault’s performance in Belgium steadily built over the weekend and in qualifying it all came together for the team’s best session of the year. The Danish driver is yet to score a victory in Monza and hopes that will change in the future.

“In all honesty it’s not been the best track for me but it has been ok. I have had podiums in nearly everything I’ve driven but never won there, so clearly we need to fix that!



“Belgium was good and we did improve over the weekend. Italy is another track and while it does have some of the same characteristics it’s not exactly the same. What we have learnt is that we have to take each circuit as it comes and react to the situation you find yourself in. I expect it will be hot again too, so I need to stay focused. You can’t really prepare for the heat – you just need to stay hydrated and stay in the shade.

“The track is unique, with very long straights and slow corners. It does have some high speed corners that are a challenge too, so it’s just really cool. Added to that you have one of the best atmospheres of the season.”

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