Lotus to launch new car in late January reveals Grosjean

By on Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Photo credit: Lotus F1 Team

Romain Grosjean has dropped a big hint about Lotus' 2013 plans, revealing the new Enstone-built single seater will be launched late this month.

Speaking to the French sports news programme Stade 2, the Frenchman also revealed that he and continuing Lotus teammate Kimi Raikkonen will equally share the twelve days of pre-season testing in February.

"The next few weeks for me will be intense training, with the presentation of the new car at the end of the month," said Grosjean.

"Then I will have six days of testing in February and then finally the beginning of the season in March," he added.

Grosjean, 26, also spoke about his tumultuous 2012 season, and his acknowledgement that he needs to maintain his new approach to Formula One.

"I do not think winning at all costs is the goal, because the dream is to become world champion one day.

"Of course it is true that you have to win races to be champion, but I must be careful not to mistake the goal," he added.

"That's what cost me the nickname 'First lap nutcase' last year," Grosjean admitted.

"It must be viewed in context. Mark Webber said it straight out of the car in Japan, with all the adrenaline of the race still inside him.

"I am not crazy, I am aware of the risks and I have worked hard to repair my mistakes.

"I apologised which is the most I can do. In the last five races I no longer had any problems and there is no reason that I will have them anymore."

Swiss-born Grosjean also admitted that, with Europe in the grip of winter, he is not contractually allowed to do any skiing.

Meanwhile, Ferrari has denied Italian media reports that said the next red single seater will be publicly launched on February 2.

"We will make an announcement when the date is decided," a spokesman insisted.

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