Lotus frustrated by first lap collision

By on Sunday, July 5, 2015
Lotus F1 Team

Lotus F1 Team

Lotus drivers Romain Grosjean and Pastor Maldonado expressed their frustration after both were forced to retire from the British Grand Prix on the opening lap.

Grosjean and Daniel Ricciardo almost made contact at Village and in avoiding the Red Bull driver, Grosjean made contact with team-mate Maldonado.

Grosjean retired on the spot while Maldonado stopped his car at the pit entry, as the squad's poor finishing record in 2015 continues.

"Daniel must have thought his brakes and tyres would be able to slow him better than they did and the result was the end of both my and Pastor’s race," said Grosjean.

"No-one likes to end a Grand Prix like that as so much effort goes into making and preparing the cars."

Maldonado was circumspect but nonetheless frustrated as he was unable to add to his points from Canada and Austria.

"At first I thought I had a puncture and would be able to return to the pits and re-join the race but unfortunately the damage to the car was more serious than that and I had to retire," he said.

"There is nothing you can do in situations like these as it’s all part of racing."

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