Live updates: Silverstone test day two

By on Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Live: Test Day Two

Live broadcasting started on 09/07/2014 07:38 and was finished on 09/07/2014 15:54

  • 15:54 pm
  • 15:50 pm
    That's the end of the test, the barrier is damaged
  • 15:48 pm
    Van der Garde's car is returned to the pits so we should be back to running very shortly
  • 15:43 pm
    It would appear that Giedo van der Garde has stopped on track
  • 15:40 pm
    Red flag
  • 15:39 pm
    Kvyat's just done a 1.12.004. We suspect a timing glitch...
  • 15:37 pm
    Several drivers circulating now, looking for a late improvement.
  • 15:35 pm
    25 minutes left and Vettel marginally improves his time
  • 15:08 pm
    In fact, the work to disassemble the motorhomes is already underway as they get ready to be transported to Hockenheim in time for next Wednesday.
  • 15:08 pm
    Just shy of an hour left at a gloriously sunny Silverstone, before the teams get ready for the next race
  • 14:59 pm
    Bianchi has just gone quicker with a 1.35.262
  • 14:05 pm
    Leal now improves to a 1.44.914
  • 14:03 pm
    Leal lowers his best time to a 1.46.143
  • 14:01 pm
    Paul Hembery has been speaking to the media about Lotus's 18 inch wheel rim test
  • 14:01 pm
    Leal posts a 1.49.102 to officially join in the fun
  • 13:49 pm
    Good news for Leal who gets another lap in the CT05
  • 12:53 pm
    Hamilton returns to the circuit and sets a 1.38.395 to go eighth
  • 12:47 pm
    Jules Bianchi, running his usual #17, in the Ferrari
  • 12:46 pm
    Bottas goes third fastest with a 1.37.193
  • 12:43 pm
    Hamilton is about to head out for the first time since his faux pas earlier

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