As it happened: Saturday practice and qualifying

By on Saturday, July 19, 2014

Live: German GP Saturday

Live broadcasting started on 19/07/2014 08:37 and was finished on 19/07/2014 13:15

  • 13:15 pm
    That's it from our coverage here but check the site later for all of the round-up from Hockenheim
  • 13:11 pm
    1. Rosberg, 2. Bottas, 3. Massa, 4 Magnussen 5. Ricciardo, 6. Vettel, 7. Alonso, 8. Kvyat, 9. Hulkenberg, 10. Perez
  • 13:09 pm
    Magnussen takes fourth place
  • 13:09 pm
    No! It's a brilliant lap, but it's 0.219s down. Rosberg takes pole!
  • 13:09 pm
    But Bottas is up after S2, can the Finn spoil the party?!
  • 13:08 pm
    A couple of green sectors, but no-one's troubling Rosberg's time
  • 13:07 pm
    Perez moves up to sixth
  • 13:04 pm
    Vettel leaps up to fourth position
  • 13:03 pm
    Ricciardo fifth, Alonso sixth, Hulkenberg seventh and Perez eighth
  • 13:02 pm
    Bottas goes second, with Massa third and Magnussen fourth
  • 13:01 pm
    It's a 1.16.540. That'll be pole.
  • 13:01 pm
    Rosberg, on the other hand, is going rather quickly.
  • 13:00 pm
    Perez's 1.19.395 isn't very rapid...
  • 12:59 pm
    It's a very steady lap for Perez, who takes a wide line into turns two and six
  • 12:58 pm
    The Force India drivers are the first on circuit
  • 12:57 pm
    Q3 officially begins but the track remains empty
  • 12:50 pm
    11. Button, 12. Raikkonen, 13. Vergne, 14. Gutierrez, 15. Grosjean, 16. Hamilton - Grosjean and Hamilton will move up due to Gutierrez's penalty
  • 12:50 pm
    Perez goes 10th and that's good enough to knock out Button.
  • 12:50 pm
    Vergne improves but it's only good enough for 12th
  • 12:49 pm
    Raikkonen does not improve and he's out!

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