Live text - Malaysian Grand Prix qualifying

By on Saturday, March 29, 2014

Live coverage: Malaysian Grand Prix qualifying

Live broadcasting started on 29/03/2014 06:31 and was finished on 29/03/2014 10:04

  • 10:04 am
    That concludes our coverage, check the website for all the reaction!
  • 10:01 am
    Q3: 1. Hamilton, 2. Vettel, 3. Rosberg, 4. Alonso, 5. Ricciardo, 6. Raikkonen, 7. Hulkenberg, 8. Magnussen, 9. Vergne, 10. Button
  • 09:59 am
    Red Bull get it wrong - Vettel narrowly misses the clock and does not get another lap
  • 09:58 am
    Track conditions are deteriorating, this could be it for Q3
  • 09:56 am
    Hulkenberg improves to 7th in the Force India
  • 09:55 am
    Button on Inters can only go P10, 4.9s off the pace
  • 09:54 am
    Hamilton comes across the line but is unable to beat his provisional pole time, while Rosberg runs wide at turn eight
  • 09:53 am
    Hamilton, Vettel, Alonso, Rosberg, Ricciardo is the current order
  • 09:52 am
    Vettel goes P2, just 0.055 behind Hamilton
  • 09:52 am
    Hamilton tops that time by setting a 1.59.4, 0.7s ahead of Rosberg
  • 09:51 am
    Raikkonen set the first lap of the session with a 2.01.2
  • 09:50 am
    Button now switches to Inters
  • 09:50 am
    Stewards will be investigating Bottas allegedly impeding Ricciardo in Q2
  • 09:49 am
    Magnussen is on track on Inters but informs his team that it's too soon
  • 09:47 am
    Q3 underway. Wet conditions means drivers will have a free choice of tyres on Sunday
  • 09:44 am
    Out in Q2: 11. KVY 12. GUT 13. MAS 14. PER 15. BOT 16. GRO
  • 09:40 am
    Massa comes across the line but goes only P13
  • 09:40 am
    Vergne now displaces his team-mate
  • 09:39 am
    Kvyat gets into the top 10 provisionally
  • 09:39 am
    Bottas comes across the line and goes only 12th

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