As it happened: Italian GP practice

By on Friday, September 5, 2014

Live: Italian GP Friday

Live broadcasting started on 05/09/2014 07:31 and was finished on 05/09/2014 13:31

  • 13:31 pm
    That concludes our coverage but be sure to check back later for the reaction from the drivers!
  • 13:30 pm
    The chequered flag comes out, meaning that Rosberg is fastest
  • 13:26 pm
    Button complains of brake woes and is touring back to the pits
  • 13:25 pm
    Button is another to hit trouble at Rettifilo as he locks up hugely and takes to the grass
  • 13:21 pm
    Alonso passes one of the Marussias but then locks up and runs wide at Rettifilo
  • 13:19 pm
    10 minutes remaining in the session as drivers continue on their long runs
  • 13:14 pm
    Hamilton was on course for a quick time but he gets baulked by the Toro Rosso of Vergne
  • 13:11 pm
    Hamilton goes second quickest, 0.061s down on Rosberg's time
  • 13:11 pm
    Hamilton is up after S2 on his next lap...
  • 13:09 pm
    The Brit slides under braking for Rettifilo but just about gets away with it. However, he backs off.
  • 13:08 pm
    Hamilton begins a lap on Options
  • 13:07 pm
    Lotus team-mate Maldonado also goes wide, this time at Roggia
  • 13:06 pm
    Grosjean sets a representative lap, but it's only quick enough for 20th. Oh, and he then slides wide at Rettifilo
  • 13:04 pm
    Grosjean continues to explore Monza's scenery as he finds the gravel at the second Lesmo
  • 13:03 pm
    Hamilton, on Hard tyres, goes 12th on his first flying lap
  • 13:00 pm
    With exactly 30 minutes remaining Hamilton joins the action
  • 12:58 pm
    Ericsson turns his tyre into the rubber equivalent of a 50 pence piece as he locks up into Roggia.
  • 12:56 pm
    Raikkonen slides wide at Roggia and dips a wheel into the gravel
  • 12:56 pm
    Drivers are now switching much of their attention to long run pace, but it could be good news for Hamilton as he gets ready to head out in his Mercedes
  • 12:55 pm
    Hulkenberg requests his dark visor for his next run

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