As it happened: German Grand Prix

By on Sunday, July 20, 2014

Live: German GP

Live broadcasting started on 20/07/2014 11:29 and was finished on 25/07/2014 07:33

  • 13:44 pm
    Thanks for joining us for what was a thrilling race at Hockenheim!
  • 13:44 pm
    1. Rosberg, 2. Bottas, 3. Hamilton, 4. Vettel, 5. Alonso, 6. Ricciardo, 7. Hulkenberg, 8. Button, 9. Magnussen, 10. Perez
  • 13:38 pm
    Sebastian Vettel takes fourth, ahead of Fernando Alonso and Daniel Ricciardo
  • 13:37 pm
    Valtteri Bottas is second with Lewis Hamilton in third
  • 13:37 pm
    He's got married, had a contract extension and watched his team win the World Cup and now Nico Rosberg wins the German Grand Prix!
  • 13:35 pm
    Rosberg starts the final lap
  • 13:34 pm
    Two laps to go. Hamilton still right on Bottas.
  • 13:33 pm
    Three laps remaining in the German GP
  • 13:33 pm
    Up front, Rosberg still leads by 20s.
  • 13:32 pm
    Bottas informed that he can push a bit harder - the duo are coming up to some traffic as well.
  • 13:31 pm
    Bottas's straight line speed is making it tough for Hamilton
  • 13:30 pm
    Alonso and Ricciardo continue their battle - Alonso goes up the inside at the hairpin but Ricciardo fight back. Ultimately Alonso, on fresher tyres, makes the move stick.
  • 13:29 pm
    Skies are getting darker - will any rain arrive before the end of the race?
  • 13:28 pm
    Hamilton is now right behind Bottas
  • 13:27 pm
    Bottas told not to race Hamilton - priority is to get to the end of the race
  • 13:26 pm
    Ricciardo passes Alonso for fifth.
  • 13:23 pm
    Hamilton is now eating into Bottas's advantage. The gap is 5.4s, but dropping.
  • 13:21 pm
    Alonso now stops for a third time
  • 13:20 pm
    Hamilton has passed Alonso, whose lap times are dropping
  • 13:16 pm
    The car is recovered by some brave marshals

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