As it happened: Austria free practice

By on Friday, June 20, 2014

Live: Austria free practice

Live broadcasting started on 20/06/2014 07:39 and was finished on 20/06/2014 13:36

  • 13:32 pm
    Here's the report from second practice Stay tuned to for the round-up from the drivers
  • 13:30 pm
    FP2 comes to an end. 1. Hamilton, 2. Rosberg, 3. Alonso, 4. Bottas, 5. Massa, 6. Vettel, 7. Button, 8. Ricciardo, 9. Magnussen, 10. Vergne.
  • 13:28 pm
    Raikkonen runs wide and bounces across the grass at the final corner
  • 13:25 pm
    Ericsson runs straight on at turn two
  • 13:25 pm
    Speaking of which, Hamilton is now back in the pits while Rosberg focuses on practice starts
  • 13:24 pm
    Alonso is told that his times remain competitive, aside from the leading Mercedes pair
  • 13:19 pm
    No further reports will be made of track limits at turn eight, according to race control
  • 13:18 pm
    Kobayashi remains in the Caterham garage as mechanics investigate his car apparently pulling left under braking
  • 13:18 pm
    Grosjean goes very wide at turn eight as he continues his race sim
  • 13:13 pm
    Scuderia Ferrari ‏@InsideFerrari
    #FerrariAUTGP Strong wind on the track drivers are struggling in the last sector
  • 13:13 pm
    Spots of rain are beginning to appear as drivers continue their race simulations
  • 13:10 pm
    Hamilton told to pit but he requests to stay out for another lap
  • 13:08 pm
    It looks as if the heavens are about to open
  • 13:02 pm
    Drivers now are conducting their race simulation with sunny skies but a threatening black cloud
  • 12:59 pm
    The rain is beginning to fall
  • 12:51 pm
    Vergne locks up into the first corner and heads to the run-off while Ricciardo slides wide at the penultimate turn
  • 12:47 pm
    Grosjean, meanwhile, bounces across the grass at the final corner before Maldonado runs wide at turn one in the troublesome Lotus
  • 12:46 pm
    Meanwhile Alonso has a dose of understeer upon entry to turn eight followed by a heap of oversteer halfway through the corner. Vettel also runs wide at that turn.
  • 12:46 pm
    Rosberg improves his time but remains 0.377s behind Hamilton
  • 12:45 pm
    Kvyat displaces Vettel in the top 10

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