Leading figures expecting reliability issues in 2014

By on Saturday, November 16, 2013
Scuderia Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari

Leading Formula 1 figures are anticipating that reliability issues will affect the sport in 2014.

Next year, Formula 1 will overhaul the current technical regulations, with the biggest change being the introduction of 1.6 litre v6 power units, which feature an Energy Recovery System.

But both Ferrari's James Allison and Red Bull's Adrian Newey believe that races could feature reliability problems.

"I think that the size of the rule change means that there will be some unanticipated reshuffling of the pack in terms of where all the teams will find themselves in the pecking order," said Allison.

"However, I think - notwithstanding the size of the changes - over the years it's been fairly clear that the teams, although they're hundreds of people in different places end up producing cars independent of one another that come together and are very competitive with one another and I would expect that to be true next year as well."

"I would also imagine that the first half of next year is likely to be heavily affected by reliability. Next year's rule changes are big enough, just in terms of the configuration of the car but they also place a much much higher burden of reliability on us as well."

Newey, whose Red Bull cars have frequently struggled with KERS issues across the past few seasons, concedes that reliability could decide the world title.

"The cars are hugely complex compared to the cars that we've been used to," said Newey.

"The level of reliability that everybody's achieving now is the result of a lot of evolution on what actually looks a relatively simple product compared to what we're facing next year so I think reliability's going to be quite an issue for the teams, could well be a deciding factor in the championship, who knows?"

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