Lauda unimpressed with Kubica's rallying

By on Sunday, February 13, 2011

Triple world champion Niki Lauda has criticised Robert Kubica for his rallying exploits.

Last Sunday, Kubica was involved in an horrific accident as he crashed his Skoda, with the guardrail piercing straight through the car. The accident left Kubica with multiple fractures and a long spell on the sidelines.

“It makes no sense for him to put his job and his life at risk like this. Was it unreasonable? Of course it was.” said Lauda.

“He has to ensure that he can do his job, and his job is formula one. Only he is to blame for what happened to him,” added Lauda. “Did he have to be doing this? No!”

Lauda's comments came after Kubica's first interview, in which he cited rallying as a method for keeping active during the off-season.

“That’s nonsense" Lauda rebuked.  "Rally driving has nothing to do with formula one. They are different sports.”

Reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel defended Kubica's decision.

“Anything can always happen around the next corner so this has nothing to do with his rallying activity, and it was not his first rally,” he told F1′s official website.

“I think I speak in the name of all when I say that he is recovering fast and that he will be able to get back into his beloved F1 cockpit very soon”

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