Lauda: Second lap contact 'unacceptable'

By on Sunday, August 24, 2014
Mercedes AMG Petronas

Mercedes AMG Petronas

Mercedes Executive Director Niki Lauda says that contact so early on in the Belgian Grand Prix between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg was 'unacceptable.'

Rosberg tagged Hamilton's car as the duo rounded Les Combes on the second lap of the race as they battled for the lead.

Hamilton sustained a puncture and dropped out of contention, while Rosberg went on to finish the race in second position.

"Very simply it is unacceptable that in the second lap Nico hit Lewis, completely unacceptable," Lauda told BBC Sport.

"There is going to be a meeting at 16.45 but it is unacceptable.

"If these things happen at the end of the race, when they are fighting for the win then you discuss it but in the second lap to hand the victory to Red Bull.

"I thought they were clever enough to know that but obviously they aren't."

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