Kubica: I will return to Formula One this season

By on Friday, February 11, 2011

Despite suffering a horrific injury in a rally accident on Sunday, Robert Kubica has said that he wants to return to Formula One this season. Kubica, 26, lost control on a right hand bend and caught a gap in the armco barrier, which ripped through the car. In the accident, he was left with just a litre of blood.

"I want on to be even stronger on my return than I was before," Kubica told Gazzetta dello Sport. "After my crash in Canada, I missed a race, but I came back stronger. Since 2007, I am mentally stronger and it will not be different this time. My goal is to return this year."

"Since 2007, I'm mentally stronger as a driver. And it will be the same this time, when I get back into a good physical shape. I must return this year. I remember well my state when, seven years ago, I was in a car with a friend driving, we were hit by another car driven by a drunk. Back then too, we ended up against an armco barrier and bent it, before falling down a cliff."

Nick Heidfeld is set to replace him should he impress Renault tomorrow.

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