Kubica feared he was paralysed in crash - manager

By on Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feb.10 (GMM) Robert Kubica feared his horror rally crash had left him paralysed, the Polish driver's manager has revealed.

After arriving at the Italian hospital in a critical condition last Sunday and having seven hours of surgery, the 26-year-old Renault driver was put in a coma.

He woke up this week and has been seeing visitors, and according to O Estado de S.Paulo newspaper he feared his badly damaged hand and other fractures and trauma were not his worst injuries.

"Robert asked me if his accident had left him paralysed, and he asked me to be honest," manager Daniele Morelli revealed.

"I told him no, that he had nothing that could not be healed with time," he added.

Autosprint claims that Kubica does not yet know all the details of his injuries, including that his right hand had been almost severed.

The Italian report also said he remembers nothing about the crash.

Morelli also revealed that Kubica asked for a photograph of the late Pope John Paul II, a fellow Pole, to be at his bedside.

"Robert is under the effect of sedatives to take away the pain, but I have seen him smiling, he's okay. The war is over," smiled Morelli.

"He is strong and tenacious and he will recover and be stronger than before."

Meanwhile, in addition to his other injuries that are publicly known, it has emerged that Kubica has a damaged heel.

And elbow surgery is currently not possible because it would require the driver to be rolled onto his stomach, and he is also nursing a punctured lung.

It is understood that Kubica will not require further surgery to his hand.

His next visitor will reportedly be Giancarlo Fisichella, after Jean Alesi visited him on Wednesday.

"He is particularly pleased to know that he will be able to regain his physical abilities," the Frenchman is quoted by autohebdo.fr.

Lotus-Renault team owner Gerard Lopez also visited Kubica on Wednesday.

"The important news is that Robert is alright. We hope he can return soon, because we built this team around him," he told La Stampa.

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