Kovalainen won't bring money to Caterham

By on Monday, November 5, 2012

Caterham F1 Team

Heikki Kovalainen has insisted that he will not be able to bring money to Caterham should that be required for 2013.

Kovalainen has raced for the Leafield based team since their début at the start of 2010, but has so far failed to score a point.

"I knew that it would be a little difficult. I knew it would not be easy to achieve points with the team. I was expecting this year to be competing with the midfield teams in some races, but we were not able to do so. Thus this year was disappointing", Kovalainen told F1Zone's sister site F1Arab in Abu Dhabi.

Kovalainen was asked whether it was frustrated to be marooned towards the back of the grid.

"Not really. This is the case, this is Formula One. Everyone [is] constantly advancing and I feel that I evolved a lot, maybe one day you may get a competitive car and we can show it again. But my duty now is to achieve the best possible performance with the current car".

Marussia currently sits ahead of Caterham in the race for tenth in the championship, leading to suggestions that the team might be reliant on a pay driver to make up for the financial loss.

"I do not bring money to the team, they pay me. If the team wanted to save some money, [they'll] look for another driver".

"They know that I am not going to bring money, so I informed my management that I do not want to search for personal sponsors to stay in Formula 1, I do not like this idea. If I could not get a salary in Formula 1 I'll look for something else to do."

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