Korea GP hopes Hyundai enters F1

By on Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Korean carmaker Hyundai could become interested in formula one in the coming years.

That is the view of a spokesman for the Korean grand prix, following the country's second formula one race last weekend.

The inaugural 2010 event was a shambles and circuit officials recently revealed financial concerns about the future of the event.

Late on Sunday, the Yeongam organisers revealed a race day crowd of 84,174, causing Red Bull's official Twitter to wittily observe: "That must include mosquitos. And fish. And those were counted twice."

A report by the Associated Press claims a Korean driver or team might help in the future, powered by the involvement of a local carmaker like Hyundai or Kia.

"Hyundai has been enthusiastic about the idea around the middle management levels, but the CEO has yet to be convinced," said Korean grand prix spokesman Shin Young.

"In the future though, I think it will happen. I hope so."

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