Kobayashi 'lucky' to avoid Raikkonen crash

By on Sunday, July 6, 2014
Caterham F1 Team

Caterham F1 Team

Kamui Kobayashi has admitted that he was fortunate to escape during the opening lap of the British Grand Prix following Kimi Raikkonen's accident.

Kobayashi approached the wayward Ferrari driver and jinked to the left, bouncing across the grass along the Wellington Straight to ensure that he did not strike the F14T.

"My start was okay and I was ahead of a couple of cars but then saw the Ferrari impact and had to go way off track to avoid hitting him," he said.

"I made it through almost without any issues – there was a bit of damage to the nose but nothing else we could see then, so we were fine to restart. The main thing for me was I wanted to make sure Kimi was okay. It was a big crash, and while I was lucky to avoid it."

The Japanese driver went on to finish in 15th but believes the damage he sustained from avoiding Raikkonen affected his car.

"The car did feel very different to how it was when I started – the aero balance had changed and it was clear we’d lost some downforce, almost certainly from the rallying I had to do, but I kept going as hard as I could," he said.

"I’d started on mediums and they were holding up ok right until we boxed for the first time on lap 18 to go on to a set of hards. They felt really good but from that point it was pretty much a race on my own – the pack ahead was too far down the road for me to catch and I only had [Max] Chilton a long way behind me so I just focused on bringing the car home."

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