JV: Kimi didn't deserve his title

By on Thursday, August 11, 2011

1997 Formula One World Champion Jacques Villeneuve says that Kimi Raikkonen did not deserve his 2007 success and only won the title because he was lucky.

In 2007, Raikkonen was 17 points behind Lewis Hamilton with 2 races left - when 10 points were given for a win - yet emerged from the final race with a one point advantage over the Brit. Villeneuve reckons that Massa deserved the title more than Raikkonen

"If Kimi won the championship, he did it by luck, because he didn't deserve it," Villeneuve told Brazilian website TotalRace.

"Felipe deserved it a lot more. He was always more capable than Kimi and it was easy to beat him."

Villeneuve went on to defend Felipe Massa, his team mate at Sauber for the 2005 season.

"The problem is that Alonso arrived and, quickly, became powerful inside Ferrari," he added. "When it happens, it creates an energy that people put inside you, in this case, in Alonso. It seems that, if the car wins, it will be with him. It creates a difficult situation for the other driver, who has a double task.

"That's what Felipe has to do. He has the speed. He is capable of driving strongly, working in the car. I don't have any doubt about that.

"But he needs to do even more, because it's Alonso's team, which is normal, given that he is a double world champion. That's the logic. If your team-mate is a double world champion, it's normal that the team will focus on him.

"He [Massa] has won races and almost a championship, maybe two. He's a great driver. Right now he is driving strongly for Ferrari. I don't get people who criticise him."


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