Interview with Lotus driver Romain Grosjean

By on Friday, August 23, 2013

Grosjean interviewAhead of this weekend's Belgian Grand Prix, we sat down with Lotus driver Romain Grosjean to chat about his Formula 1 experience so far. What is the most important thing you’ve learnt after your first full season in Formula 1?

Romain Grosjean: There is not only one [thing], it would be too easy. Formula 1 is a very complicated world, very competitive, with the best 22 drivers in the world. To get everything together is a lot of learning and I’m still learning and trying to improve myself and getting better and better.

As a driver I feel much better than what I was, a very different state of mind than what I had in the past and more ready to get everything that comes - sometimes is more difficult, sometimes is easier. I’m now ready to win a race, sooner or later.

F1Z: You start the second half of this season with fewer points than you did last year. What changed?

RG: If you look at numbers they are not particularly good but I think what we have seen in the last Grand Prix is pretty good and shows that we are now in a good level of performance and ready to get this consistently. That’s what I’m trying to get and from there we should be able to score some very good points.

F1Z: Do you believe the stewards are maybe a bit too harsh on you because of the incidents from last year?

RG: For sure when all the eyes are on you, for the other drivers is easier to squeeze me or to be aggressive with me because they know the eyes are on me and they can play with that. But I’m here to race, to defend myself and give my best.

About the last race and the penalty [where Grosjean was handed a drive through penalty for exceeding track limits], there are rules saying when you go four wheels off the track then it’s a penalty. It was a very harsh decision but rules stays out and we agreed to disagree with the stewards but the penalty was there so I had to accept it. What I want to get from Hungary is that we had a very strong qualifying, a very good race pace
and we were able to go for another podium.

Romain-Grosjean-Lotus-F1F1Z: Are you driving more carefully this season?

RG: I think I have many more possibilities to choose from with my driving style, in different circumstances. In the past I had maybe not enough skills to choose what is the right thing to do, at the right time. I was very difficult as I’ve been like a ‘black duck’ in the middle of the pack but today I showed that I can always come back, even though it’s very hard sometimes. This is what I’m proud of as I still want to improve myself, to progress and keep working very hard.

It’s not finish yet but things are improving in different areas and changing every time, depending on what’s happening in your life, in your career every day.

F1Z: Did you reset your mind after Spa 2012? [where Grosjean was banned for causing a first corner collision]

RG: It was a tough time. I worked twice as hard after that. I cannot forget but I don’t really want to go to much into it because it brings tough memories. But I believe it helped me to become stronger and better.

F1Z: What will be your priority for this race: to stay out of trouble or get on the podium?

RG: To do my best and give my best for the whole race, as I did in the last past races, would be the ideal thing.

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