Internet 'hacktivist' group takes down official F1 website

By on Saturday, April 21, 2012

The internet hacker group Anonymous has taken down the official Formula 1 website with a Distributed Denial Of Service (DDOS) attack. The group claims it is in response to the sport's decision to push ahead with the highly controversial Bahrain grand prix.

The well-known 'hacktivist' group Anonymous brought down F1's official website on Friday, slamming Bernie Ecclestone as "evil" and threatening the "worst sh**storm" if the track action continues to proceed this weekend in the troubled island Kingdom.

"Attacks on their (the teams') computer servers could prevent the race taking place," the Daily Express newspaper speculated.

Anonymous also took control of another F1 fan website, posting a statement that accused the sport of supporting the Bahrain government despite the country's "human rights situation" and saying F1 will now "be punished".

In an awkward official press conference on Friday, team bosses continued to support the sport's decision to press ahead with the race.

"Ultimately we're a race team," said McLaren and FOTA's Martin Whitmarsh. "We're here to go motor racing and that's our number one priority."

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