'Impossible' to predict Kubica recovery - manager

By on Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mar.1 (GMM) Robert Kubica's manager will not be drawn on when the F1 world can expect the popular Polish driver to be back in action.

"Robert is recovering well," Daniele Morelli told Radio Sportiva, "but at the moment it is impossible to predict if and when he returns to racing."

He said it is a good sign that Kubica, 26, is not suffering from any infections or complications after undergoing major surgeries on horror injuries sustained in a recent rally crash.

Morelli said the earliest "passive physiotherapy" has begun, but it is too early to predict a return to formula one.

"We must distinguish between our optimism and the indulging of fanciful assumptions," he insisted. "At the moment it's impossible to talk about timeframes."

Morelli revealed last week that Kubica had decided not to sue the organisers of the Ronde di Andorra rally.

"The police investigations are still ongoing and of course that will take its time as well.

"What is certain is that the guardrails were dangerous," he says now.

Fernando Alonso said at a sponsor event in Madrid on Monday that he visited his friend again after the recent Barcelona test.

"He is recovering from his operations and is bored with the 16 or 17 hour days with nothing to do," said the Ferrari driver.

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