Hulkenberg: Zero margin for error

By on Monday, May 18, 2015
Sahara Force India

Sahara Force India

Force India driver Nico Hulkenberg says that the Monaco Grand Prix leaves 'zero margin for error' and is consequently one of the most exhilarating circuits drivers face all season.

Hulkenberg achieved his best Monaco result last year when he placed fifth and says that the whole lap is a 'challenge'.

"From a driver's point of view, Monaco is one of the last tracks in the world where you have absolutely zero margin for error - one mistake and you are in the wall," he said.

"The thrill and kick you get in the car as you drive around the circuit is much bigger than what you get from any other track: your heart rate goes up; your heart is in your mouth – I really like that.

"The whole lap is a challenge. To master the track and put together three good sectors on a qualifying run is very hard, but when you get it done it is such a great feeling. You are relieved, proud and happy - it's priceless."

Force India team-mate Sergio Perez says that the circuit provides drivers with the chance to do something 'special'.

"I enjoy the challenge of Monaco and I believe that the driver can make more of a difference compared to other circuits," he said.

"To be quick you have to take some risks, push the limits, and kiss the walls. I enjoy the quick parts of the lap – the swimming pool section and Casino Square. It’s all about being accurate and precise.

"It’s not the most difficult circuit, but if you get it wrong, you get punished. When you get together the perfect lap, it feels great. That’s why I think it’s the one race where there is a chance to do something extra special."

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