Hulkenberg not sure what to expect

By on Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix, sat down with Force India racer Nico Hulkenberg.

F1Zone: Nico, Have you reflected on your performace so far this season during the summer break?

Nico Hulkenberg: If you have some spare time you reflect a little bit on what you’ve done so far, what you’ve achieved. Quite few positives, few negatives, a few more points would’ve been nice but over all it’s a positive trend, especially the last couple of races before the summer break and it’s all going into the right direction.

F1Z: Did you achieve the targets you had at the beggining of the season?

NH:  I didn’t have a target as such because it was a strange situation coming back after a year out and being back in. I knew it it was going to be difficult for the first couple of races which was the case but then quickly or slowly was getting better and better. The aim was to get interesting results and I think that’s what I’ve done so far.

F1Z: You’re 16th in the Championship Standings at the moment. Do you think you can finish the season on the same place as you did in 2010 at least?

NH: To be honest I’m not looking at the Driver’s Championship at all. I think unless you’re in top 10 there’s no point to look at it. Obviously there’s a lot more races to go this year and the aim is to have good results and to claim a lot more points and that automatically will make me look better in the Driver’s Championship.

F1Z: You started 9th and finished 14th at Spa in 2010. What are your feelings about this year?

NH: I think we’re around the top 10 area where we’ve been pretty much always this year and the target, as usual, is to be leaving here with points.

F1Z: Do you see any improvments to the car till the end of the season?

NH: We won’t be bringing so many new parts. Maybe a little bit but nothing major so from that point of view don’t know what to expect really there

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