How any fan can sample the Monaco GP atmosphere

By on Monday, July 25, 2016

If you have ever been fortunate enough to travel to the Monaco Grand Prix you will have experienced a sporting event like no other. No other highlight on the sporting calendar so perfectly melds luxury with high-octane action, as the world’s best F1 racers compete against a stunning and glamorous backdrop.

If you are like the majority of us, however, your experiences of the Monaco GP are most probably restricted to watching on television. With a little imagination and forethought though, those with a creative bent can easily sample a Monaco GP-inspired atmosphere in the comfort of their own home.

How to Recreate and Sample the Monaco GP Atmosphere

Of course, the majority of travellers attend the Monaco GP for purely for the racing, before being compelled to stay by the luxurious bars and lifestyle on offer in the French principality. You therefore need to make F1 racing the focus of your efforts, whether you invite some friends over on race-day or get hold of some classic racing games and go head-to-head.

The latter is a great idea as you can do it at any time, but the key is to get your hands of a range of titles. From modern games to cult classics such as Nintendo 64's F-1 World Grand Prix, these titles can quickly recreate the competitive, sporting element s of Monaco while also generating a fun atmosphere.

On a final note, consider accessing contemporary, F1-inspired slot games such Racing for Pinks at a casino like Royal Vegas, at

Offer Cocktails as a Refreshing Treat

In the luxurious surrounds of Monaco, the nightlife is as alluring as it is expensive. Even drinking in relatively inexpensive bars such as La Rascasse can cost you 30 Euros a beverage, while clubs like Jimmy'z, Black Legend and Moods place an even higher premium on their drinks.

Fortunately, you can recreate such an atmosphere with a few close friends and some carefully selected cocktail recipes. Throw in some premium beers and high quality wine, and you have a drinks menu that can compete with anything available in the French Principality.

If you want to go that little bit further in creating your own little piece of Monaco, why not consider implementing a smart casual dress-code with no trainers and jeans?

Introduce Online Gambling at the end of the evening

Of course, no trip to Monaco would be complete without a visit to Casino de Monte Carlo, which is accessible to guests for as little as 10 Euros. You therefore need to offer a gambling outlet to your guests towards the end of your evening, using an online casino platform that includes a rich diversity of games.

We have already touched on playing a racing inspired slots game with the aim of bringing a little racing inspired excitement into the evening. But you should also look to include popular iterations of poker, blackjack and roulette among others. This will help to round your evening off in style, while enabling the spirit of Monaco to live on in your home.

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