Horner will continue to question Mercedes 'W-Duct' legality

By on Friday, March 23, 2012

Christian Horner © Red Bull/GEPA

Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner says he will continue to question the legality of Mercedes rear wing even though he believes that it may not currently contravene Formula One’s regulations.

Asked in Friday’s official FIA press conference if he still believed that Mercedes’ innovative wing stalling system was legal, Horner said it was unclear in his eyes. “I think there has been a bit of debate obviously about the Mercedes rear wing and assuming that the car has passed scrutineering, (then) at the moment you have to assume that the FIA are happy with the configuration that the Mercedes car’s in,” he said.

However, asked if that would then end his interest in the wing’s legality, the Red Bull Racing boss said “probably not”. “I think the biggest thing for all of us – I’m not the only one – I think there are probably other gentlemen that are keen for clarity going forward,” he said. “Is it something that’s accepted as a clever interpretation, and hats off to Mercedes if it is, or is it something that isn’t permissible moving forward? I think that’s the most important thing to resolve and it would be nice to come out of this weekend with that clarity.”

Meanwhile, Horner admitted that this year’s championship battle will be tighter with both Mclaren and Mercedes already looking good around Sepang circuit. “Melbourne was an exciting race and congratulations to McLaren who put on a great show there,” he said. “We did our best to try to get amongst it but Jenson drove an excellent race. The McLarens again looked very strong today, I think Mercedes were also looking quick, and it’s a tighter field this year. I think the midfield has bunched up as well. We’ve worked through a programme today.

“Obviously with the limitation in testing there is, both drivers have worked through different programmes, had a look at the two tyre compounds and tried to do our preparation for the race on Sunday,” he added. “All the forecasts say it’s going to be dry for the rest of the weekend but occasionally you look up and you think there’s a big thundershower coming.”

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