Horner: Lotus need to control Grosjean

By on Monday, October 8, 2012

Photo credit: Lotus F1 Team

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner believes that Lotus must control Romain Grosjean, after the Frenchman was involved in another first lap collision.

Grosjean hit Mark Webber's sidepod, spinning the Australian and sending him to the rear of the field.

Webber later called Grosjean a 'first lap nutcase' and reportedly stormed down to the Lotus hospitality unit at Suzuka to express his feelings to his rival.

Horner added to the criticism of Grosjean.

"Hopefully he will have a good look in the mirror after this incident – or his team need to get him more under control. He [Grosjean] is capable of doing it, as he is obviously a quick driver, but so many incidents is unacceptable at this level", Horner told Autosport.

"He needs to really talk to himself, or the team needs to talk to him, because not only is it dangerous for others, but he has cost himself and his team a colossal amount of points - together with the innocent victims that he has collected en route."

Horner added that it was worrying for the rest of the field that Grosjean appears to have learnt little from his one race ban that he was slapped with for the Italian Grand Prix.

"I think Mark has every right to express his feelings, and I think that it was just a complete misjudgement.  The most important thing when you make a mistake is to learn from it, and I think the most disappointing thing is that it is a repeat incident and proved extremely costly for Mark, as it did for Hamilton and Alonso at Spa, and numerous other victims earlier in the year", he said.

"I think the most worrying thing is he doesn't appear to be learning from his mistakes."

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