Honda reveals image of 2015 Power Unit

By on Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Honda Racing

Returning engine supplier Honda has revealed the first image of it Power Unit, which will be used by McLaren from next season.

Honda is returning to Formula 1 after a seven-year absence and has signed a long-term deal with McLaren, with whom it enjoyed a successful relationship in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

"Working toward Honda's Formula 1 participation starting in the 2015 season, development of the power unit is entering its prime phase at our research and development facility in Sakura, where we transferred our automobile motor sports development earlier this year," said Yasuhisa Arai, Senior Managing Officer of Honda.

"In addition to conducting simulations, we have moved onto the next stage where we conduct full-fledged bench tests of the engine while connecting the turbocharger and energy recovery systems.

"In the meantime, our racing operation base in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, has become fully operational. At this time, we are unveiling an image of our power unit that is under development. The whole team is concentrating on this development, getting ready for the forthcoming start of Formula 1 participation in six months."

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