Homeowners living in Killearn Lakes

By on Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Homeowners living in Killearn Lakes units one and two have been suffering from chronic septic tank failures for years. Leon County came to the rescue, using the $5 million in Blueprint 2000 tax dollars to install a low pressure sewer system to address the issue, and it's now ready for residents to connect.Mizell says his septic system works just fine and worries about the new sewer system being electrically operated, questioning what happens when the power goes out.Mizell said, "You're going to have to have a generator, not a cheap generator, a very expensive generator."Even though he's not connecting to the new sewer system, Mizell will still be charged a $180 "Readiness to Serve" fee It's the law and he's not happy about that either.Mizell said, "So I'll have to pay that, whether I like it or not."Despite protests by residents like Mizell, the project is coming to the relief of many residents. Gary Smallridge's mother has had to get her septic tank pumped every two weeks.

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Sen. Patty Murray doesn't see how we can meet the state mandate without enough money. She released a statement Tuesday.TRIDEC's Gary Petersen says that's exactly the cheap mlb jerseys problem."When you reduce $100 million, $98 million to be specific, out of the budget, it means for certain, you're gonna miss some of these milestones," said Petersen.As far as an impact on our economy, Petersen says we should still be OK because cheap nfl jerseys the amount of federal money circulating in a community our size is $3 billion."The economy is gonna be pretty stable.

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